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How To Pay The Internal Revenue Service

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Whether you owe the IRS for your latest filed tax return or from prior years, there are easy ways to pay the taxes.  Here are the most common ways to make a payment:

1)      Write a check for the payment.  To write a check to the Internal Revenue Service, follow these instructions:

a.       Use a personal check, NOT A CERTIFIED OR CASHIER’S check.  Personal checks can be traced while CERTIFIED and CASHIER’s checks cannot.

b.      Payable to “United States Treasury” only. Never make payable to the IRS.

c.       Include your Social Security Number on the check

d.      Put the type of tax and tax period you are paying, such as “1040 Tax 2016”

e.      When the check clears your bank account, make a copy of the front and back of the check for your records just in case the IRS has misapplied your payment

f.        Mail the check to the appropriate IRS office, such as with your tax return if you are making the payment with your return, as instructed on the Form 1040V, or as instructed by the IRS Notice you have received.

2)      Pay electronically at  This usually is less burdensome to setup payment than the Electronic Funds Transfer Payment system.  Just be sure to allocate the payment to the correct social security number, tax type, and tax period.  Also, if you pay with a credit              card through this system, you will be charged a 2-3% payment processing fee.

3)      Pay electronically at  This typically requires 10 days or so to setup your logon.  So this is not convenient for a quick electronic payment.  However, this is typically the best method for paying payroll, corporate, and other non-personal income taxes.