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IRS Notice

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So you received an IRS notice or letter, which likely has you more than slightly stressed.  In many cases, these letters can be confusing as to what the concern or problem is.  It doesn't help that the IRS will send out multiple letters from different IRS offices on the same issue from the IRS.  What are you to do?

While the best way to determine what your pending IRS issue is, would be to have us review the IRS Notice, review your tax return, and have a phone conversation with the IRS and determine what tax help you might need, below are some of the most common causes of IRS notices:

  • Someone or company reported income to the IRS via a 1099 or W2 and you didn't report it on your return properly or at all.
  • Your return has been selected for an audit, either a correspondence audit, office audit, or field audit; depending on the type of issue being reviewed.
  • You haven't filed tax returns for several years and the IRS is about to file returns for you and then begin collection efforts on the tax bill they determine you owe.
  • You owe taxes and haven't paid them and the IRS is about to begin levying your wages or bank accounts, file a tax lien to let everyone know that you owe unpaid taxes, or other collection efforts.
  • and a variety of others.

It is important that you seek professional counsel as many of your taxpayer rights may be lost if you don't respond to these notices timely and properly!

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