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IRS Debt

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Whether you filed your tax returns, but didn't have the have the money to pay or the IRS filed tax returns for you, you now owe the IRS a large tax bill.  The average tax bill will double in 7 years due to penalties and interest being added.  What's worse is if the IRS filed a substitute for return, they usually file it years after the return was due, already mounting years of penalties and interest on what is likely an excessive tax bill.  So it is easy to see how your financial situation can spin out of control.

Being in such a distressful situation, you might think you are at the mercy of the IRS.  What are you to do?

Well we can actually help you with a variety of strategies, such as..

  • Reviewing prior years tax returns for unclaimed deductions that may reduce the original tax liability.
  • Depending on how the returns were file or tax was assessed, asking for an audit reconsideration for the tax years owed.
  • Negotiate with the IRS to get penalties reduced or even abated, leaving the original amount and interest to pay.
  • Working with you to apply for an installment plan for paying your tax liability.
  • Submitting an offer-in-compromise that may significantly reduce the overall tax debt you owe.

If you are interested in these or several other options, please complete the form below to get a Consultation with our tax specialist.

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