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Payroll Tax Problems

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Payroll tax problems come in a wide variety, but none of them are good.  The reason is that the IRS views, you the employer, as a collector of payroll taxes and place upon you a more stringent level of tax compliance.  The IRS expects you to properly calculate, pay, and file payroll tax returns due to this entrusted position.

That is why penalties for unpaid payroll taxes and not filing your payroll tax returns timely are so severe in comparisonn to other penalties.  Payroll tax penalties can drastically multiply the total tax bill in an incredibly short amount of time.

The IRS views unpaid payroll taxes almost as though the employer stole from their employees.  So the IRS is extremely aggressive pursuing collection of unpaid payroll taxes. They would rather close your business down and prevent a pyramiding of unpaid payroll tax quarters.

If you have unpaid payroll taxes, engage an enrolled agent today!  It is imperative that you DO NOT meet with the IRS on your own.  The initial interview with the IRS can impact how much you will owe and what course of action they will take.  It can utimately determine whether you stay in business or not. It is imperative that you hire a professional representative who understands this process.

Some of the key methods of reducing your obligations related to payroll taxes are:

  • Determining if the business or you are liable for the taxes.  The business may be the only party responsible for the employer portion of payroll taxes.
  • Identify your responsibilties in the company and whether or not you were responsible for the company not remitting employee withheld taxes to the IRS.
  • Determing if other individuals were responsible, regardless of your responsibilty, for not remitting employee withheld payroll taxes.  If such individuals paid the payroll taxes, you can get credit for their payments!
  • Identifying when payroll tax returns were filed and have deadlines passed for further penalty and tax assessments.

These are just a sample of the steps we perform in representing you in such tax disputes.  So do not under estimate the benefit of our representation services!  Contact us today for a consultation.    

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