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IRS Audit Representation

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One of the most stressful events in life is receiving an IRS Audit letter in the mail.  At a minimum, an IRS Audit cost you significant time and effort to collect all your tax records and support the deductions on your tax return.  At the worst, it can cost you a large tax bill with penalties and interest being added until the tax bill is paid.  Of course the emotional stress on your personal life is immeasurable and can lasts for years.

It goes without saying that IRS goes to tremendous efforts to determine the accuracy of your tax return.  Additionally, in many cases, the burden of proof is on you and not the IRS.  So, if you don't satisfy the IRS Auditor's request, he can adjust your tax return resulting in a tax bill.

Additionally, the IRS has an intimidating reputation for a reason.  IRS Auditors are well trained on how to interview taxpayers, so they generally obtain more information than the taxpayer is required to provide.  This generally works to the IRS' advantage and  taxpayers' disadvantage.  Considering the circumstances, it would seem inconceivable to deal with the IRS without an advocate in your corner.

Handling an IRS audit yourself is usually being penny wise and pound foolish.  Most taxpayers misunderstand what is proper documentation to support a tax deduction.  Or how to handle reconstructing documentation that may have been lost.  Or that the amount of requested documents can be  negotiated to something less burdensome.  In short, there can be a lot of negotiation throughout the audit process.   Not knowing these and many other aspects regarding an IRS Audit can result in an unnecessary tax bill.

As Enrolled Agents, we understand the IRS Audit process, are up-to-date on tax laws and court cases that may be relevant to your situation, and what are your rights in an IRS audit.  Since most people don't such understand the process, deadlines, or their overall rights; they can receive a substantial tax bill that may not receive otherwise.

Our approach is for us to handle the entire audit, removing your need to communicate with any IRS personnel.  We obtain all relevant documentation and meet with the IRS Auditor directly;  you don't interact with the IRS at all.  The IRS Auditor comes to our office and not your home or place of business.  We keep you updated on all audit issues, both the IRS' concerns and our recommended position.  We counsel you on dispute resolution options, such as mediation, appeals, and other approaches.  We are with you from the start of the audit through to the final conclusion of the audit.

If you've received an IRA Audit notice from the IRS, please fill out the form on the bottom of this page to receive a Consultation with our tax specialist.

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